The MG&Co. Workshop

Recently we rolled up our sleeves and hosted a series of hardware workshops. There's something deeply rewarding in having the ability to repair and restore within your home - whether fitting new hardware or rewiring a plug.

Back to School

In our workshops, we focused on the fundamentals - skills to bring into your everyday that are rarely taught. With screwdrivers and MG&Co. hardware at the ready, guests got to work and got back to basics.

First stop: lighting, including the ins-and-outs of bulbs and fuses, as well as a practical on how to rewire a plug. Our Lighting expert Laurie had many a tip, starting from the basics - always bring a bulb with you to the shop to avoid getting the wrong wattage or shape; to handy hacks, including a nifty screwdriver you can use to check if a fuse is working.

Hands on

Next, it was over to our hardware workshop, centering around drill skills and installation taught by our expert Agnes. We spotted our handles, knobs and backplates throughout the space - it's always such a joy to be able to show our Hardware collection in real life. One of the more tactile and most used items in a home, hardware has the ability to overhaul a room with minimal effort.

Thursday 5th September in Notting Hill, we’ll be opening the doors to our first Hardware store. Step into the MG&Co. world, shop our full Hardware collection, and join one of our many workshops. Sign up to be the first in line:

the masking tape method

I recently discovered the masking tape method and it was a real favourite at the workshops... It's such a smart way to mark out screw spacing, simply:

~ Place a piece of tape over the two screw caps.
~ Mark the points with a pencil.
~ Measure out where you want the hardware to sit.
~ Apply the tape to your surface and drill through the markings.