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We're often asked advice on which of our shades will best fit a lamp size or style. To help pick which shade is right for you, we have put together this little guide.

by size


Small but mighty, our Candle shades are perfect on a wall-mounted light or grouped together to create a statement pendant light.

These shades come fitted with a candle clip, so can be used universally - simply slot on from above.

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A versatile shade that doesn't take up much space. Fitting into smaller corners of the room, this shade works on small lamps - but we also love the look of our smaller shades on a very tall lamp.

Minimum recommended lamp base height: 30cm
Maximum recommended lamp base height: 60cm

Cane Shade shown on our Adjustable Brass Lamp Base, which can retract to 40cm at it's smallest height.

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Our most adaptable size, working on both table and standard lamp bases.

Our Cane Lampshade with Pink Trim is seen here on a 40cm base, which we would recommend as the minimum base height.

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Make a statement with our largest size shade. These work best where you have space to fill, either on top of a more substantial table lamp base or on a full length standing lamp base.

We recommend a 45cm table lamp base for this shade, and floor lights at a maximum height of 150cm. Our Fabric Scallop Lampshade is seen here on a floor lamp measuring 140cm in height.

by fitting

UK/EU and US

We supply our shades with lamp fittings, as well as shade reducers when needed.

Candle and Small Lampshades are fitted with a candle and bulb clip fitting, which simply slots onto your bulb from above.

Medium and Large Lampshades have an ES fitting attached to them: these are suitable for UK/EU lamp bases. For US customers, we offer our Scallop and Cloth Shades with a washer fitting, suitable for US lamps.

Check our downloadable Spec Sheets on product pages for further information, or download our full Lighting Sheet here.

by style


Our lampshade styles all offer something a little different. The scallops of our Raffia and Fabric shades make a real statement in a room, drawing the eye to their curved bases.

More traditional in making, we love the Cane for it's slightly tougher look and ability to fit into almost any interior style.

The latest addition to the lampshade family: our Brass Lampshades have a brushed brass texture, creating an antique effect.